Our Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Jon Reid is a former Junior & University Hockey player who went on to complete a Bachelor of Physical Education, along with a Master’s in Exercise Muscle Physiology at Memorial University. With over 20 years of training experience both as a player and coach.

Shawn is a Kinesiologist who believes that everyone has the potential to be an athlete, regardless of age or previous athletic background. Shawn strives to help each athlete understand their performance goals and reach their maximum athletic potential.

Throughout his life, Shawn has participated in a wide variety of sports. He currently trains as a strength athlete with a personal goal to reach his own movement potential.

In 2019, Shawn received his Master’s of Kinesiology Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Shawn also has prior experience working in high-performance and rehabilitative settings, and has gained extensive knowledge from working in these fields.

Shawn is a life-long student, and uses his personal experiences and previous education to motivate and educate his athletes, while pushing them to accomplish their overall performance goals.

Our Dietitian

Jennifer Roberts is a registered dietitian specializing in disease prevention/management, weight loss, rehabilitation, and sports and exercise performance. Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland (2006), and her Master’s Degree at University of Guelph in Ontario (2010). Her services range from one-on-one consults, group packages and workshops. Jennifer is a member of Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians. Jennifer is proud to be working with the multidisciplinary team at APSolute Performance & Wellness. Through this collaboration, she has developed weight loss programs and has reached a number of athletes to help them understand the importance of good nutrition. Jennifer is very passionate about sports, health, and wellness, which is why she is completed specialized training in area of sports nutrition. Jennifer believes that for an athlete to be their best, they first need to provide their body with the optimal fuel!

Our Massage Therapist

A native to St. John’s, NL, Nicole Burt has been an RMT for 4 years, and to say she is passionate about her work is an understatement. She uses a combination of deep tissue massage and cupping on her table, and will absolutely prescribe you some form of stretching and rolling to do at home!

Our Physiotherapists

Cillian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Memorial University in 2013 and with Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from University of College Dublin (UCD) in 2015. Since graduating he has gained work experience working with well-respected physiotherapists in a variety of private practice and sport settings in both Ireland and Canada.
Whether you are an athlete looking to enhance sport performance, recovering from a recreational sports, work related or motor-vehicle injury or in need for post surgical rehabilitation; Cillian will help you achieve your goals and optimize your quality of life. Additionally, from his previous work as a personal trainer and his love for physical activity, Cillian has passion to help his clients with weight loss, muscle strength and achieve and sustain a healthy active lifestyle.
Cillian advocates evidence-based practice techniques through an individualized treatment approach including exercise, dry needling, education and hands-on therapy.
Cillian’s work experience has varied from overseeing sports performance, injury management and pitch-side care for elite university athletes in track and field, weight-lifting, soccer, rowing, gaelic football and hurling to name a few. In addition, Cillian has closely worked with a variety of high level rugby teams, assessing, treating and implementing return to sport protocols after concussions or injury in Ireland.
Cillian successfully completed post-graduate courses in the McKenzie Method, shoulder, dry needling, manual therapy and taping.
Cillian has represented Tennis-NL provincially, regionally and nationally. He was a member of UCD’s university tennis travel team in Europe during his studies. He is currently involved as team-physiotherapist for the ROCK and Swilers senior rugby teams.
Cillian’s hobbies include playing squash, East-Coast Trail-running, resistance training and relaxing with family and friends.