Athlete Development

By participating in this program, athletes will build a stronger foundation, gain strength and power, improve movement patterns, see an increase in speed and energy, and become less prone to injury. What distinguishes us from the competition is a commitment to excellence in the form of a data-driven approach. Our team of highly credentialed coaches work with each client to cultivate healthy habits – including foundational building blocks such as nutritional guidance and proper form – and a healthy mindset to produce capable and well-rounded athletes.

Team Training

We provide team strength training, dry-land or off-ice training, and science-backed coaching strategies to boost group efficiency and accountability. Rigorous performance testing, expert nutritional guidance, and attentive support are also pillars of our team-based training schedule. By participating in our program, you will create a more cohesive and well-prepared team, ready to take on whatever athletic challenges they may face in the next game.

Pre/Postnatal Wellness

Safety, comfort, and convenience with a record of rock-solid results – We offer a safe and comfortable space for prenatal and postnatal wellness training, and are also available to deliver our programs to you via virtual conferencing if you’d prefer (or are otherwise unavailable). Nutritional guidance and education, targeted physical exercises helping you to navigate challenges before, during, and after labour, as well as a variety of weekly activities available via the APS app are all parts of our comprehensive program.

NL Kettlebells

NL Kettlebells is an innovative and dynamic program delivered by coach Kevin Farrell that focuses on strength and conditioning, efficient movement patterns and conditioning to offer a high-intensity training experience. By performing safe, supervised kettlebell training, you’re choosing a low-risk, high-reward exercise routine that suits participants of all fitness levels. Improved grip strength, fat burning potential, and joint health as a whole are part of the package.

Sharpening Iron Powerlifting

Our Sharpening Iron Powerlifting program delivered by coach Kevin Farrel promises optimal gains – particularly in terms of strength – by way of our periodization approach to lifting. A proper periodization schedule is applied to each individual athlete in order to personalize an approach to their maximum performance. Athletes who participate in the Sharpening Iron Powerlifting program are coached on the fundamentals and finer points of the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. Athletes will “sharpen” their skills, learn the particulars of the sport science behind a data-driven periodization approach, gain competency in the sport of powerlifting, and work on progression towards their fitness goals.

Happy Hour Yoga Flow

Float into your Friday night after this 60 minute feel-good class! Join Paula Marner for a Happy Hour Yoga Flow upstairs at APS! BRING YOUR OWN MAT! This class is perfect for those with moderate base strength and offers opportunities to strengthen, increase flexibility and improve mental health – you have likely heard yoga has a calming effect on both body and mind. There will be a focus on safe and functional movement – no headstands or complicated yoga moves! All are welcome!


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