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Tailored Nutrition Plans by APS Dietitians: Your Path to Happiness, Health and Performance

Unlock a longer, more enjoyable life with our dietitian-designed programs, suitable for athletes and those dedicated to positive transformations. Approachable yet professional, connect with Jennifer Roberts for your initial consultation. Take the first step toward becoming the best version of yourself!

Coverage for Dietitian Services: Explore Your Options for Reimbursement and Direct Billing

Discover coverage possibilities for dietitian services under various health insurance plans. Verify your eligibility with your provider. Enjoy the convenience of direct billing with select insurance companies; for others, receive a detailed receipt for submission. If your plan doesn’t cover a dietitian, save your receipt for potential non-refundable tax credits.


Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

Medical Nutrition Therapy

APSolute Performance & Wellness has the firmest belief that the fundamental building blocks of wellness center around a balanced, individually designed diet. Our on-staff registered dietitian is ready to work with you to create fun, effective, and delicious meal plans and planning strategies that will set you on a path to the results you desire.


Learn advanced strategies

Sports Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of any athlete’s life, from meal planning to simple hydration. This is particularly true for youth athletes, who are rapidly developing during their most formative years. A rock-solid, personalized diet can mean the difference between earned gains or painful injury, and victory or defeat. In other words: include nutrition in your training regimen, because your competition is.

A meal plan with grocery shopping list matched to your dietitian-designed nutrition prescription every week.

The APS EatLove monthly membership program combines delicious, dietitian-crafted recipes with a nutritional prescription that results in data-driven improvements. It’s right there in the name: you can love to eat, and still end up healthier and happier by joining the EatLove membership program.