Treat the cause not the symptom.

Our sports physio staff pride themselves on thorough assessments & quality exercise prescription.

Physiotherapy Treatment Approach
– 1hour initial assessments.
– 30-45mins follow ups.
– No doubling booking.
– No IFC or Ultrasounds
– 1 on 1 time is an invaluable necessity to help improve treatment outcomes & injury management.
-If you aren’t making progress after 3-4 sessions we will refer you to someone who can.
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Physiotherapy Treatment Includes:
Thorough assessments & diagnosis.
Exercise Rehab -in clinic & online via videos
Exercise Rehab to enhance performance
Strength and Conditioning
Injury & movement mechanics Education
Normatec – compression & blood flow
Postural retraining and cueing
Promoting Active Lifestyle
Promoting client accountability
Manual therapy